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Vocal Point was established for the love of music and community. We believe in creating beautiful and fun music that is performed well for our audiences, We foster an environment where the singers feel comfortable challenging and expressing themselves. 

Choir rehearsals are light-hearted and fun but also focused and organized. The members of our choir are everyday people with everyday jobs and lives. Vocal Point is an opportunity for them to do something for themselves that is fulfilling, challenging and rewarding. 

The artistic staff work together to collaboratively bring out the best in the choir. The role of director is shared among members who have experience and feel comfortable leading the choir. The role of accompanist is also shared among a few talented choir members. We have a small instrumental ensemble that accompanies the choir for concerts, but during the season they also sing with us. 

How to join:

We are a 2 season choir with the first season January-June, and the second season September-December.  Entry for new singers is January-February, and September-October.  Specific dates will be updated on the website during those seasons.  If you are interested, please let us know using our "Contact us" form.  We would love to have you sing with us!

Tania Sheeler, Artistic Director:

Tania grew up in Arthur, Ontario and currently lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband Matthew Sheeler and daughter, Clara. She completed her Bachelor of Music Education at Wilfrid Laurier University (2001), and received her Teacher’s (2002) and Performer’s (2003) ARCT with the Royal Conservatory of Music with Honours, as well as the Associate diploma (2004) with the Canadian National Conservatory of Music (CNCM). Tania is a member of the Ontario College of Teachers and is employed with the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board.  She taught piano for 20 years, adjudicated piano classes for the Drayton Music Festival and the Palmerston Music Festival, and was an examiner for CNCM. 

Tania’s choral directing experience includes working with the Hamilton Police Female Choir, The Hamilton Gay Men’s Chorus and the Harlequin Singers. Tania has also enjoyed directing and accompanying community musical theatre groups in the area including Hamilton Theatre Inc., Shooting Star Company, Hammer Entertainment and Hamilton Theatre Players’ Guild. She plays piano, organ, guitar and bass.

Kathryn Lee, Co-Founder/President

Music is a part of who I am. I'm THAT person who will spontaneously burst into song or make up a little verse to be silly or encourage my son or students to do something. I grew up singing all the time: in the shower, on the swing set, in the car with my dad and now with my son, constantly as a Kindergarten teacher; and more officially in church, in choirs, in the occasional musical and in a university band. 

I love living and singing in Hamilton and I have tried to give back by organizing choir and community events and, whenever possible, combining the two! I'm particularly proud of my contribution to the Harmony for Hamilton charity choir showcase and look forward to getting the event back up and running, in our post-Covid era. 

Joining a choir in my adult years has brought an unexpected level of joy and camaraderie into my life. I have absolutely no formal training but have learned a lot about music since participating in choirs. I am so excited to be founding member of Vocal Point and and encourage anyone else with a similar passion for singing, with or without experience, to take the plunge and join us!

Lisa Vooys, Co-Founder/Treasurer/Membership Liaison/Librarian:

I’m honored to be a founding member of Vocal Point and look forward to the many opportunities that lie ahead for us. I was born and raised in Hamilton. Once I was exposed to music at a young age, having performed in school and church, I knew that music was something I wanted to do at some point, in some form. My path led me to college, then into the workforce, marriage, and raising 3 sons. I never stopped dreaming of singing, but as time passed, I became more reluctant to get back into it. Fast forward a few decades...I needed a bit of coaxing from myself, from family and friends, but I took a chance and have since performed with the Harlequin Singers and with Circle of Harmony. I appreciate the experience I acquired while singing with those groups, as it gave me the confidence I needed to sing and perform in public.

My advice to anyone who has a passion for singing but needs a little extra push to get involved…come see me! My goal for Vocal Point is to help to create a happy, inclusive place where we can all enjoy our love of singing. There is no greater feeling than singing with a group of your peers and seeing, firsthand, how the music you are helping to create can affect an audience in such a beautiful way. I’m very excited to be part of this musical family and will do my part to help everyone involved be successful!

Anjanette Bailey, Accompanist

Anjanette Bailey (she/her) has a Bachelor of Music degree (Education & Piano Performance) from McMaster University. 

Throughout her career, Anjanette has had experience in Choral Music as an accompanist, administrator, chorister and conductor and brings that knowledge to the role of accompanist with Vocal Point. 

She has also been teaching piano for 20 years and currently teaches lessons part time out of her home studio in Hamilton. 

She is passionate about music and collaborating on choral music opportunities for all ages.

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