Hello!  Welcome to the Member's lounge!  Links to the music that we are singing this season, recordings of rehearsals, and PDFs are at the bottom of this page.  

Set List for the Concert:

Feelin Good
Daydream Believer
Stand by Me
60's Medley - Women - Angela and Chrissy Solo
Sittin on the Dock
Sunrise Sunset
Rhythm of Life
Both Sides Now
The Sound of Silence
A Motown Snapshot - David
River Deep Mountain High - Shari/Jeanette
Chain of Fools - Barb solo
What a Wonderful World - Men
In the early Morning Rain
Times They are a Changin - Kathryn
I Get Around
You Can't Always Get What You Want - Paul/Alison
The Beatles Rewind - Pablo

Please review your part for each of these songs on the practice tracks. 

  Rehearsal Schedule Spring 2024

  Rehearsal Tracks 60s Music Spring 2024

  PDFS of Music

  Audio files of choirs actually singing the arra...

  Rehearsal recordings

Section Leaders

1st Soprano - Chrissy
2nd Soprano - Julia
Alto - Jeanette and Kathleen
Tenor - David 
Bass - Derek


I am thrilled with the new members we have joining us this season.

Soprano: Melanie, Tasha
Alto: Lindsay, Karin
Tenor: James, Paul W
Bass: Ray

(I think that's everyone who's new!)!

You are also amazing at creating a welcoming environment, but make sure you have introduced yourself to our newest members.

Even though we have closed our membership list, I would be interested in welcoming another new bass (or two) if you happen to have one in your circles!

Rehearsal Etiquette

Just a few notes about our weekly rehearsals

We will be starting vocal warm ups at 7pm, so if you are a little late please enter quietly.
Keep chatter to a minimum while I'm talking (I'm a little vain and like to hear myself talk). I will always do my best to finish by 8:50 to give a little time to socialize before 9pm, and I feel like we have a few natural conversation breaks built into the rehearsal as we transition from song to song.
Please prepare for rehearsals - I will always attach the list of songs we will work on the following week, so please take the time to go over the REHEARSAL TRACKS so you are familiar with your part.
Bring a pencil so you can mark your music with all the words of wisdom that I share. For those who are new to reading music, you have our permission to highlight your part so you won't be caught singing when you shouldn't be!
With a choir of almost 50 singers and a very live acoustic space, everyone can sing a little softly, so please don't strain your voice to be heard. This season I want to work on creating an even more beautiful blend by ensuring each voice blends into the voices around. If you can't hear the person to your left and your right then you are likely singing too loudly.
Seating - I'm going to try to come up with a more organized seating plan (might try the basses and tenors in the back, as much as I don't like to hide my lower voices), but please be conscientious of new singers and ensure they are supported (and surrounding) by voices that can help!

Results of the Survey

Thank you to everyone who completed the survey (it was about 50% participation). The information that we collect is useful as we plan for the future. Hopefully you will see improvements as we learn and grow together.

One thing many people are asking for, is less talking during rehearsals Working with adults I have a hard time drawing the line on chatter (since this is what my day job it all about!), but i just want to ask everyone to be mindful of the conversations they are having during rehearsals and how they impact everyone's experience there.

Solos and Solo Auditions

Here is the list and sign up. PLEASE sign up!! I would love to have a difficult choice to make (since everyone is so amazing!)

This week we have:

Before: Pablo, Kathleen and Jeanette
After: Sonia H, Paul W and Brenda Z

If you are before please try to come between 6:30-6:45 so we can get it done before 6:50

Concert Dates:

Retirement homes (these are all TENTATIVE and all fall on Tuesday evenings in place of rehearsals)

April 14th (SUNDAY) @ 2pm - Caroline Place (see note above about the survey)
• May 14 - Cama Woodlands @ 6:30pm • May 21 - Highgate @ 7pm 

Spring Concerts (Concert Name: Feelin' Good - A Sixties Snapshot)

Friday May 31st - 7pm
Saturday June 1st - 4pm
Dress rehearsal will be Tuesday May 28th


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